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71 mins / CD (42 tracks) (2002)
Tibetan bowls, pure 5ths, and INNER SOUND motifs
 are combined to create an innovative, balanced, sound tool

Track titles:
1-3 Sun/4-6 Mercury/7-9 Venus/10-12 Earth/13-15 Hopi/16-18 Moon/19-21 Mars/22-24 Jupiter/25-27 Saturn/28-30 Uranus/31-33 Neptune/24-36 Pluto/37-39 Platonic/40-42 OM

Focus of the music:
Align self, chakra system with planetary frequencies. If used with other music, this CD will enhance its effect.

More information:
 This CD combines 3 different elements: 
1. Tibetan bowls reflecting the frequencies of the planets
2. Different instruments producing linear harmonics playing a spiral of pure 5th intervals, and
3. The appropriate INNER SOUND motif using the same instruments as the 2nd element.
"Cosmic Alignment" contains 42 tracks grouped in series of 3's - 14 in all.
The first track in each series introduces the first element - Tibetan bowls.
The 2nd track provides a counterpoint to the Tibetan bowls, using linear harmonics and the pure 5th interval.
The 3rd track introduces a motif to complement and integrate the effect of the first 2 tracks.

Chart showing interconnections between the bowl frequencies and other attributes

 Planet                     Quality                     Chakra               Musical Note      Tibetan B. Frequency   Zodiac Sign
Sun             Spirituality, find your own center          Third                     B - C                          126.22 Hz                   Leo
Mercury       Communication/Intelligence        Fifth                    C# - D 1                       141.27 Hz            Gemini/Virgo
Earth         Building energy Strengthening Energizing      First                         G                             194.18 Hz            Earth Tone
Venus           Love energy, at oneness            Sixth                         A                             221.23 Hz         Taurus/Libra   
Hopi                Emotional profoundness          Fifth                          E                             164.8 HZ            Base tone of the                                                                                                                                              of the Hopi  Indians of N America
Moon                 Sensitivity/Femininity          Second                      G#                             210.42 Hz               Cancer 
Mars         Will, Strength Energy to go forward      Sixth                         D                             144.7   Hz             Capricorn
Jupiter             Creativity Knowingness          Seventh                    F#                             183.58 Hz              Sagittarius
                       (to understand or give meaning)
Saturn          Concentration, Consciousness     Sixth                        D                             147.85 Hz                  Aries
Uranus        Inspiration, Capacity to regenerate      First                       G#                             207.36 Hz               Aquarius
Neptune         Intuition, The Unconscious         First                       G#                             211.44 Hz                 Pisces
Pluto              Integration, Profoundness           Fifth                     C#-D                          140.25 Hz                Scorpio
Platonic      Joy Clarity, Communion with the Cosmos   Seventh                    F                               172.06 Hz               Tone of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Age of Aquarius
OM           Relaxation, Tranquility, Balance     Fourth                     C#                              136.1 Hz               Year Tone

1. Tibetan Bowls
Swiss free-lance scientist Hans Cousto calculated the frequencies used for choosing these bowls. He presents his study of the origin of harmony in his 1988 book, Die Tone Der kosmichen Oktave (The Cosmic Octave). Earth, for example, is the frequency of the 24 hour cycle of the earth day.
Moon (sinoidal) is the frequency of the number of days the moon takes to circle the earth calculated from the earth rather than from the sun or another point in the galaxy.
The Year tone or OM equals the 365 day cycle of the earth around the sun.
Hopi is the frequency the Hopi Indians say that the heart chakra swings on.
Platonic is the frequency representing the 28,400 year cycle it takes the earth to pass through the galaxy.
Using Earth to demonstrate how he calculated his frequencies, Cousto took 24 hours and converted them into Hertz (1 Hert equals 1 cycle per second.): 24 x 60 x 60 = 86,400 seconds in a day. Then, he divided 1 by 86,400 for the number of Herz, 1.157407E-5. Since a musical octave is based on the ratio of 2:1, he multiplied this frequency by 2 until he arrived to a value that would be in the third octave of the piano where middle C is located.
Each bowl track contains bowls from various octaves of the frequency shown in the chart.
The importance of this element is the breaking effect that the sound of the bowls has on the organism.
Cousto's work merely provides an easy frame of reference for working with them.
There is a large body of empirical studies from diverse sources that validate the relationship between these frequencies and the attributes indicated in the chart above.

2. Linear harmonics and Spirals of pure 5ths
Linear harmonics are whole number multiples of the fundamental frequency in any note produced by the voice, woodwinds, brass or stringed instruments. Non-linear harmonics are unpredictable and are produced by Tibetan and crystal bowls, digeridu, gongs, bells or drums. Non-linear harmonic, in this case Tibetan bowls, break up blockages in the organism whereas linear harmonics, produced by the other sounds on the CD, create a harmonizing and balancing effect. Cousto focused on the octave that is the distance between the first and 2nd linear harmonics for his calculations of the cosmic frequencies. A pure 5th interval is the distance between the 2nd and 3rd linear harmonics, the 3rd harmonic being 1 ½ times the frequency of the 2nd harmonic. A spiral of 5ths is a series of 12 ascending pure 5th intervals. In the 2nd track of each series a spiral of 5ths, begun on Cousto's frequencies, is used to integrate the movement begun by the bowls.

INNER SOUND (1978 USA) is an original system of sound therapy and therapeutic music created by Arden & Jack Wilken. The heart of INNER SOUND is 50 musical motifs Arden developed, each one creating a specific effect on the organism. The third track in each series of 3 is the appropriate INNER SOUND Motif, played in pure fifths, that enhances the effect of the first 2 tracks. In tracks 2 and 3 the 2 notes that make up the pure fifth interval alternate right-left for greater balancing effect. Although the CD is mixed for use with headphones, it can also be used through speakers. 

How to use the CD:
1. To work with the desired attribute, listen to all 3 tracks in the series.
2. Listen to the entire CD for a global effect on the organism.

To Purchase this title/ for more info:

USA- Phone- 1-206 618 3985


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