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24 mins / Available on Intuition CD- Track 5 (1992)
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Track title and length:
Track 5
on Intuition CD- Creation (Original Title) For Depression (Male and Female choir, flutes,& strings) 24 min

Focus of Title
This music is focused at the complex emotional structure
associated with lack of energy and apathy for life.

In our early development we pass through various phases. When each phase is completed, we can easily move onto the next, integrating the last with the present one. When blockages occur in this process, they often appear in later life in the form of mental, emotional or physical problems.

In the case of depression, an unresolved oral phase of development associated with emotional nurturing and receiving food, is often present. In the body, this is reflected in areas of tension in the knees, diaphragm, shoulders and neck.

Note: It is recommended that Tracks 1-4 of the Intuition CD be listened to first before working with Track 5.
Try physical activity after each session to integrate whatever movement was made.

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