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The Brain Tape- Music for Balancing and Activating the Mind
Healing Music for Animals and Their People Volume I
61 mins / CD (2005)

Track titles & lengths:
1. Etheric Heartbeat (10:11)
2. Connecting (11:56)
3. Bridging (6:35)
4. Trauma Release (9:34)
5. Life Force (13:19)
6. Animal Council (9:23)

Focus of title:
This innovative CD brings the energetic perspectives of Healing Touch for Animals Techniques into music, capturing the resonance represented by each technique in a unique way. The sound travels through the body promoting a movement of expansion and contraction that helps release blockages held within the body. It provides an additional tool to assist the animals and their people with relaxation, allowing the body to regulate the immune system and creating an avenue for self-healing.

CAUTION: Downloading this music to an IPOD or similar music player compresses the sound using lossy codec (usually MPEG-1, Layer 3 or Windows Media), reducing file size and therefore bandwidth requirements. This may cause a loss in quality for the listener when compared to a CD and may not work as effectively for healing.

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USA- Phone- 1-206 618 3985

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