Typical Schedule for Intro course

Saturday morning                     

-    Welcome, Introduction

-     Understanding how music and sound can heal our   body, mind, emotions and energy fields (playing of excerpts from studentís favorite music)

-         Begin sound and musical journey through time to experience healing effect of different music and sounds-ancient Chinese, Indian and early Christianity

Saturday Afternoon  

-         Sound and music journey continued- Western classical, ethnic, present day

-         How to use music you donít like to make deep changes in your life

Sunday morning

-         Understanding how the brain processes sound, psychoacoustics

-         What are Harmonics and why are they important in our lives

-         Healing power of your own voice, practical experience. No singing or musical  experience necessary

Sunday Afternoon

-     Where different instruments resonate in the body and subtle energy fields

-     Overview of sound therapy techniques and therapies available today including INNER SOUND

-     sound therapy with Digiridu, Tibetan Bowls and crystal bowls, Mongolian throat chanting and tuning forks- a healing experience

-      Summary