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INNER SOUND Therapeutic Music

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Range of INNER SOUND Therapeutic Music

29 Therapeutic Music CDs
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 27 available on this site.

Healing Music for Healing Touch Level 1 (2012)
Calm My Pet (2014)
(Four of the titles are specifically for Animals

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Titles for Mental AspectsTitles for Energetic Aspects
Titles for Emotional AspectsTitles for Physical Aspects

The origins of these titles is in Arden Wilken's Personal Music compositions since 1978. After composing several thousand she isolated around 50 musical motifs (Short musical phrases) that affect specific areas or themes in the human organism. She then began composing focused music for general publication and use.
The first of these titles was published in 1984; in the subsequent years the series has expanded to 29 titles with diverse focuses to touch almost any aspect of our lives.

If you want to work with this music in a deep process we recommend you contact a practitioner for guidance. Find a local practitioner. 

Sound Therapy Practitioner Training: Therapeutic Music
This training, based on many years of experience in sound therapy, therapeutic music and mind/body training, is focused at providing all the necessary tools to work with this range of therapeutic music on a professional or personal basis. Upon completion of this training the student will be able to use the INNER SOUND CDs as a complete system to focus on any aspect a client wishes to work on.

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Taught for over 30 years, this course is an introduction to the 
Therapeutic Use of Sound and Music


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