Coaching sessions are scheduled as one-on-one virtual time with Arden Wilken, Co-creator of INNER SOUND and its techniques. These sessions benefit anyone looking to incorporate relaxation into their life and beneficial to all practitioners in the wellness industry.

Arden Wilken- helping people change since 1978

photo – Kona HI March 2021

“My life is about service, helping people change using sound & music to their fullest benefit and potential. I’ve created many sound/therapeutic music tools with my husband, Jack, am a natural energy worker and have assembled vast areas of expertise in body, energy & sound techniques throughout my life.
We will work together to find the best combination of tools to assist you along your journey.

All coaching sessions are virtual – via phone or ZOOM video meeting

Tuning Fork Session

$30 for 20 minutes
  • Movement from TF session
  • Transferred to you
  • Wherever you are

Personal Music

Delivered as a flac audio file
  • You choose a theme
  • Order via form or phone
  • Listen 2-3 days a week

Sound Body

in depth virtual work
$100 for 75 min segment
  • Learn self-help exercises
  • Maybe posture, breath
  • Voice, self-massage to relax