Coaching sessions are scheduled as one-on-one virtual time with Arden Wilken, Co-creator of INNER SOUND and its techniques. These sessions benefit anyone looking to incorporate relaxation into their life and beneficial to all practitioners in the wellness industry.

Arden Wilken- helping people change since 1978

photo – Kona HI March 2021

“My life is about service, helping people change using sound & music to their fullest benefit and potential. I’ve created many sound/therapeutic music tools with my husband, Jack, am a natural energy worker and have assembled vast areas of expertise in body, energy & sound techniques throughout my life.
We will work together to find the best combination of tools to assist you along your journey.
(Finances should be not be an obstacle. Email me and we will see what we can work out.)

I believe that each of us has all that we need within to change, grow or heal.
It already exists in our core. Sometimes we need help to find and nourish it.

All coaching sessions are virtual – via phone or ZOOM video meeting

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I like to create clarity
  • About sound
  • About healing
  • About ?

Tuning Fork Session

$30 for 20 minutes
  • Movement from TF session
  • Transferred to you
  • Wherever you are

Personal Music

Delivered as a flac audio file
  • You choose a theme
  • Order via form or phone
  • Listen 2-3 days a week

Orchestra of Emotions

Virtual Session
$25 per 15 min segment
  • Individual
  • Couples or families
  • You don't need a card set

Sound Body

in depth virtual work
$100 for 75 min segment
  • Learn self-help exercises
  • Maybe posture, breath
  • Voice, self-massage to relax