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06Play Therapeutic Music (Keyboard)

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Excellent for improving your self-care in only minutes a day for a lifetime of benefit. 

Learner feed back: “I was studying a piece by Beethoven and was having nothing but problems with it. I tried the motif recommended in the Sound Touch manual for his music and within days I was loving to play the piece – I couldn’t get enough of it. The motif helped me change my approach and that made all the difference.” MS, Spain
“I play the steel drum and decided to have a few private sessions with Arden. She showed me a different way to use the mallets on the drum, what she calls ‘touches’. At my next concert, someone I knew came up and said, “Hey man, I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but were you really good!” HB, Oakland, CA

Upon purchase of this membership level, you will download 11 PDF files. 
(No CE hours.)
To understand the depth and breadth of the material, be sure to read the PDF 03Section II How to Use SOUND TOUCH and Manual first.

If you wish to hear what the motifs sound like on the piano, listen to samples from SOUND TOUCH, one of our therapeutic music titles(Find it in alphabetical order.) Purchase is optional.

With this material, you will learn to use the 21 basic Inner Sound motifs*, therapeutic healing music, in the following ways:
1. Choose from either normal musical notation or graphic display (if you don’t read music) to learn to play the motifs.
2. Either play the notes as you wish or use the special dynamic markings (called ‘touches’) that add another emotional dimension to the movement created by each motif
3. For greater hand flexibility, you will find extensive exercises to help with dexterity and technique
4. If you are studying a specific genre, Classical music, for example, choose the appropriate motif to create movement within yourself to help master the performance of that composer, era or genre
5. Enrich your daily well-being routine by adding in the enhancement exercises/visualizations for each motif.

And –  music teachers, you can add these to your warmups and home practice suggestions to enrich your student’s playing satisfaction and promote expressiveness. Appropriate for all ages and levels.

*a series of short therapeutic healing melodies and specific rhythmic patterns (motifs) identified by Arden Wilken from 1978 to 1996 while creating over 10,000 Personal Music compositions for individuals.
These essential melodies form the harmonic basis for our Therapeutic Music titles.

In addition – want some insights into playing the motifs? Purchase instead 07Play Therapeutic Music (Keyboard) + 3 Virtual Sessions with Arden Wilken Membership Level and schedule time with Arden, the original composer. Take a pause to dig deep into the healing benefits of sound. She will help you with any problems or questions encountered during your work with the material to be downloaded in the 06Play Therapeutic Music (Keyboard) Membership Level.

Finally, an excerpt is below from Section 7 of the manual, explaining about the touches and dynamic markings.