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07Play Therapeutic Music (Keyboard) + 3 Coaching Sessions with Arden Wilken

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3 CE hours

INCLUDES: 1. 06Play Therapeutic Music (Keyboard)
 Download individual sections of the detailed manual at the bottom of this page
2. Three sessions with composer, Arden Wilken

Want some insights into playing the motifs? Schedule time with Arden and take a pause to dig deep into the healing benefits of sound. She will help you with any problems or questions encountered during your work with the material to be downloaded in 06play therapeutic music (keyboard). The course begins with independent study time to learn and work with the material, getting familiar with it. From there, email directly with Inner Sound to schedule your first one-on-one video meeting over Zoom. Here, you can customize the program and work according to your needs and interests. This is a bespoke program for those who would like to nurture their own understanding and relationship with sound through music – a rare, individual, live course you won’t find in many other programs! All following sessions will be scheduled during a mutually agreeable time. Buy Now