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Our tuning forks are always applied in pairs at the ears.

Normal cost for this membership level = US$1515
2 payment options:
1. Initial payment is $450 with 6 more monthly payments of $177.50.
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2. One payment at the discounted price of $1390.

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No prerequisites nor prior professional training required.

1. Manuals – Student Manual for Basic & Advanced Tuning Fork Trainings
and the Basic & Advanced Certification Manual. (Both are PDF downloads.)

2. Trainings: Basic & Advanced Tuning Fork Training – Available virtually only, via Zoom Video meeting with Arden Wilken.
The training is scheduled approximately every 2 months on 2 consecutive weekends,
Saturday & Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm Pacific Standard Time.
Weekend 1 is the Basic Tuning Fork Training and Weekend 2 is the Advanced Training.
We schedule this way to accommodate overseas students and to give time to submit a simple video
showing activation & application techniques for evaluation between weekends.

3. INNER SOUND Spiral of 5ths Tuning forks – Set of 13 with cloth pouch, rubber activator and wooden hammer, and the OM tuners – Set of 3 tuning forks, with cloth pouch and rubber activator.

4. Downloadable PDF files of the slides of the power point presentation, Client FAQs, Session & Consent forms, promotional materials, mini-instruction manuals….

5. Demo videos of tuning fork use

6. Basic & Advanced Practitioner Certification fees. Separate certifications are required for each level.

7. Shipping, both domestic and international, of the 2 sets of tuning forks in #3 above.

Upon completion of the Basic & Advanced Tuning Fork trainings and the submission of required course work,
16 CE hours is awarded from the School for INNER SOUND.
Upon completion of all Practitioner requirements a further
100 CE hours will be awarded from the School for INNER SOUND and
you will receive your certification as an
INNER SOUND Sound Therapy Practitioner: Tuning forks (Basic & Advanced Levels).

In an ongoing study since 2002 our tuning fork use has shown a ‘significant statistical difference’
in client assessed ‘pain’ and ‘stress’ levels before and after a session.

– Relevant physics of sound information underlying the quick,
immediate benefit of using pairs of tuning forks at the ears
Which pairs of our tuning forks to use to relax specific physical, emotional, mental & energetic themes
– Which pairs to use for chakra and field alignment work
– Which pairs to use to target specific areas of the body for greater relaxation
– Specifications and frequencies of our tuning forks – FDA Approved Type 1 Medical Devices
– Correct body mechanics and technique application for consistent self-care
– First & subsequent session protocols for consistent, repeatable results in minutes
– Experience the portability and versatility of our tuning forks
– Counter-indications and remedies
 – How to use our tuning forks as a stand-a-lone Sound Therapy Relaxation Technique
– How to use our tuning forks to complement any therapy such as Massage, Healing Touch, Reiki….
– Special protocols for infants, young children, pregnant women and those with auditory processing disorders

You are gaining access to all the courses & material necessary to become an
INNER SOUND Sound Therapy Practitioner: Tuning forks (Basic & Advanced Levels)
Once you purchase this membership level, you just need to complete the requirements. 

You will be granted access to the PDF / VIDEO downloadable training materials at the bottom of this page, “Training Content / DOWNLOAD THE MATERIAL”.
You will need to send us an email to register for the virtual Basic & Advanced Tuning Fork Training.
(You will have paid for it when you purchase this membership level.) 

The 2 sets of tuning forks will arrive within 2-3 weeks within the US,
longer if you live overseas.

You must have received the tuning forks before you can take the virtual training.

There is no time limit in which to complete your Certifications.
A year to a year 1/2 is average from the time you take the Basic & Advanced Trainings.
All Certification material is submitted digitally via email, Dropbox or similar.

Enjoy the journey. Life takes time.

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Download Training Material Excerpts.

Once you enroll you will download all the files pertinent to your INNER SOUND Tuning Fork Practitioner Training
at the bottom of the page under "Training Content / DOWNLOAD THE MATERIAL".