1. In the device on which you wish to listen to the music, go to the Apple APP Store and download for free “VLC Media Player”.

2. In the device where you will download the music, make sure you are using Safari internet browser. The music won’t download in Google Chrome, for example.

3. Click on or copy the download link you received into Safari which will take you to the music download page listing whatever tracks you purchased.

(Due to the larger size of flac files, you will need to download the tracks individually rather than as a zip file.)

4. Click on the track you wish to download.

When the track opens in your device, it still won’t play.

You need to make one more step:  look to your upper right of the track page and click on “Open in VLC”.

The track will then open in the VLP media player and should play with no problem.

5. Since the music is therapeutic, the  track order is very relevant in each album or collection.

Make a playlist for each title so that the tracks will play the correct order.

Enjoy the music!