how is our music different from other music?

Nowadays, 99% of music is listened to for enjoyment and entertainment reasons and is the expression of the composer(s) to the listener –  which is all great. We need to be our own ‘musical therapists’ as we know what we like and what music moves us. A very different focus is the therapeutic music of INNER SOUND that is specifically designed to soften and release tension in the  body (connective tissue) & field. Part of this process of listening can bring old trauma to the foreground in the form of memories, uncomfortable body sensations, etc. Many people find our music enjoyable or beautiful to listen to, but if it happens to touch some blockages within, the reaction is quite often, “Oh, I don’t like this music,” or “This music isn’t for me.” We have found that in that instance, if you want, and are ready to release things from the past, then that music is exactly the right music for you in this moment. Be sure to listen at a lower volume….