deep, coherent change

Independent study courses are available online (01 & 03)
and for download (04, 05, 06, & 07).

There are 4 discounted Practitioner options:
(09, 10, 11 & 12)

12Practitioner (Master – all) BEST VALUE


01Sound Health Tips

This short online course is for you if you listen to music on a computer, phone or over the internet. How do you get the most benefit from the music you listen to? 1. WAV vs MP3 and other audio files – what’s the difference? and how do they affect us? 2. Where does vinyl fit into the discussion? 3. Best program for taking music from CDs, if you still use them, to your phone, computer, etc. 4. What to look for in headphones? Equipment specs and more. 5. Importance of drinking water when working with sound/music. This training is free and is a prerequisite for many of our other trainings.


03Voice Workshop in Self-Care

Are you looking for a simple, effective way to bring Sound Therapy (sound healing) into your life? This online workshop offers simple vocal, breath, movement, visualization and self-massage tools to help you be relaxed, centered and grounded throughout your day. Optional Therapeutic Music playlist to accompany the exercises. Certificate of Attendance awarded from the SCHOOL FOR INNER SOUND for 8 CE hours.


04Play Therapeutic Music (Voice)

If you wish for a ‘do-it-yourself’ personal work using your voice that promotes greater mindfulness, this is it. It can bring you a lifetime of pleasure. Download the manual with the 21 basic Inner Sound motifs for the voice with movement/visualization exercises, and then explore them at your leisure at home – or with a friend or in a group. Choir Directors, vocal coaches and teachers, you can add these to your warmups to enrich the group ‘sound’ and promote expressiveness. You can also use the musical scores to play the motifs on wind instruments- transposition may be necessary. This is a very rich course, taking you deep within yourself – and you do not need to be a good singer/musician to benefit!


05 – Both: 03Voice Workshop in Self-Care & 04Play Therapeutic Music (Voice)

Do-it-yourself vocal coaching with 2 courses combined. Learn to make rich, resonant sound every time you use your voice. Then, use it to sing mindfulness melodies for greater balance and relaxation. In 03Voice Workshop in Self-Care you learn to free up your ‘inner sound’ and breathe in anatomically neutral posture. In 04Play Therapeutic Music (Voice) you can direct your ‘inner sound’ to sing 21 of the INNER SOUND motifs for personal growth and relaxation. Choir directors/voice coaches: You can add these to your repertoire of warm-up exercises to promote a better sound and greater expressiveness in your groups and clients.
Once you complete 03Voice Workshop in Self-Care online, you will be able to download the Certificate of Attendance for 8 CE hours.
No CE hour for 04Play Therapeutic Music (Voice). Take all the time you need to complete the online course work in 03 – no time constraints.


06Play Therapeutic Music (Keyboard)

Bring your degree of keyboard playing and expression to the next level with this ‘do-it-yourself’ detailed, in-depth manual about the use and benefits of the INNER SOUND Motifs, essential mindfulness melodies. If you’ve just started to learn the piano, played long ago and want to get back into it, or are a professional musician wanting to improve, this membership level is perfect to expand and deepen your musical expression and command of any kind of music. You can also combine the motifs together to create a daily meditation to help you achieve your life goals. They can even help you improvise. You do not need to be a good keyboard player or musician to benefit! If you would like a little help to get the most out this information, consider 07play therapeutic music (keyboard) + 3 coaching sessions with Arden Wilken membership level. Arden, the composer of the motifs, has taught beginners and professionals alike around the world since 1990 to gain more mastery over the piano and its repertoire.


07Play Therapeutic Music (Keyboard) + 3 Coaching Sessions with Arden Wilken

Want some insights into playing the motifs? Schedule time with the original composer, Arden Wilken and take a pause to dig deep into the healing benefits of sound. Arden will help you with any problems or questions encountered during your work with the material to be downloaded in 06Play Therapeutic Music (Keyboard). The course begins with independent study time to learn and work with the material, getting familiar with it. From there, email directly with Inner Sound to schedule your first one-on-one video meeting over Zoom. Here, you can customize the program and work according to your needs and interests. This is a bespoke program for those who would like to nurture their own understanding and relationship with sound through music – a rare, individual, live course you won’t find in many other programs! All following sessions will be scheduled during a mutually agreeable time.


09Practitioner (Tuning Forks)

We’ve bundled together a package with 2 payment options that includes everything you need to become an INNER SOUND Sound Therapy Basic & Advanced Tuning Fork Practitioner: Set of 13 & OM Tuners tuning forks with pouch, rubber activator and wooden hammer, Basic & Advanced Tuning Fork Training (virtual via Zoom meeting only) including Training manual, Certification Manual, Basic & Advanced Certification fees and free shipping of the tuning forks – initial payment with monthly payments or discounted one time payment. No time limit in which you need to complete the certifications. Life takes time.


10Practitioner (Therapeutic Music)

Immerse yourself in 20 of our Therapeutic Music titles. Become an INNER SOUND Practitioner in Therapeutic Music, become a Relaxation Guide: 1. Learn how to listen to individual titles for maximum effect, 2. For deeper work learn to create your own Listening Programs, using a combo of titles, or use ours, tried and true since 1990, for any life situation for yourself and others, 3. Through the physics of sound, learn why sound / music works so effectively to relax, 4. Learn the basics of the Orchestra of Emotions card set to help you facilitate the Listening Programs and integrate the relaxation effect on a mental and emotional level.


11Practitioner (Personal Music)

Personal Music is a unique sound therapy tool, for practitioners or anyone interested in self-healing practices. Personal Music offers an individual specific sounds and harmonies to relieve tension, stress and bring the nervous system back into natural alignment. We are bombarded by a cacophony of sound – from digital devices, people and the constant ‘noise’ of living in this modern time. Learn to create Personal Music for yourself and others based on specific goals, finding greater peace. Choose from 140 sound bytes, unique to INNER SOUND, (2 gigs of storage necessary) with multiple instruments and tuning using the software: Sony CD Architect. (Windows computers only.  Sorry, no Mac.) Build your intuition and develop a “sense” of the effect of sound on yourself and others…


12Practitioner (Master – all)

09Practitioner (Tuning Forks) – 116 CE hours, 10Practitioner (Therapeutic Music) – 150 CE hours& 11Practitioner (Personal Music) – 60 CE hours.
Includes 3 independent study courses which are prerequisites: 01Sound Health Tips (no CE hours), 03Voice Workshop in Self-care (8 CE hours) & 04Play Therapeutic music (Voice) (no CE hours). You are training to become a Sound Therapy Master Relaxation Guide…