Listening to music in the normal tuning versus a more natural tuning gives you
a different feeling.
Listen with new ears to the 2 excerpts below of the folk melody, “Greensleeves”.

Excerpt 1 = Normal musical tuning

Excerpt #2 = More natural tuning that matches the harmonic ratios found in the human voice creating less stress in the body.
(Excerpt from our title “JUST CELTIC”.)

Which one feels
more relaxing to you?

Many people choose #1 as that’s the normal tuning used in the majority of music we listen to, and our ears have a good memory for this as 50% of our hearing comes from memory.

#2  matches frequency ratios in the voice and actually puts less stress into our body although it may sound strange to you.
Many of our therapeutic music titles use #2 for less stress and more relaxation.
Our tuning forks use the more natural tuning as well, helping to deeply relax us.
Can you feel the difference?