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Music for Aromatherapy Treatments70 mins This music is designed to enhance the effect of essential oil use by softening tensions in the body- the combined effect of 2 senses at once.

Track titles and lengths: 1. Emotional well-being (piano, strings, flute) 5:02 2. Reflexology (French horn, strings, piano) 5:00 3. Mental well-being (Piano, strings, flute) 5:02 4. Sense of smell (Chimes) 5:01 5. Beauty Treatments (Piano, flute, strings, choir) 14:54 6. Massage (Strings, birds, oboe) 11:46 7. Therapeutic Use (Piano, strings, flute, pan flute, chimes) 22:44

Focus of the music: To accompany aromatherapy, the ancient art of healing using the pure extracts of aromatic plants.

Instructions for use You can either just put the CD on in the background while you are using essential oils, or you can pick a specific track.  Headphones are great too. We particularly like track 7.

Why did we create this music? While living in Barcelona, Spain in the 1990’s, we collaborated with a school for integrative medicine techniques (Escuela Censana). They commissioned this CD to accompany their distance learning course in Aromatherapy. If you prefer, purchase the CD.