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Music for massage – perfect for all manual therapies, couple’s work, and heightening your enjoyment of physical touch. Pulls you deeper into the body – 71 mins

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Exercises for Tracks 1 & 2

Exercise for Track 3

Track titles and lengths: 1. Deep Touch (Piano and specially created Sounds) 28:22 / 2. Going Deeper (Vibraphone, electric piano and specially created sound) 28:22 / 3. Cobalt Blue- Original title: For Discomfort (Strings) 14:30

Focus of Title – Tracks 1 & 2

1. On a Physical level – Body Awareness & Massage  2. On a Mental level – Learning: Children (1-4 years) /Learning: Adolescents 3. On an Emotional level – Hyperactivity / To develop: self-esteem, personal power 4. On an Energetic Level- Energetic alignment and integration Track 3 For physical or emotional discomfort

Why did we create this title? Our UK publisher asked us to create music for massage and manual therapies. If you prefer, purchase the CD.