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Enter into a state of deep inner focus with these special tones to benefit meditation, shamanic rituals or deep communion with the desired realm – 41:13 mins

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Titles and lengths:

1. Inner Focus (Vibraphone, synthesized sounds) 19:49

2. Distant Memories (Chimes, synthesized sounds) 21:24

Focus of the music: 

Track 1 Stimulates the flow of electromagnetic energy in the core of the body.

Track 2 To connect with distant memories, to accompany meditation and shamanic rituals.

Track 3 Inward journey to an underwater cavern to explore a new inner focus. (Excerpt from Track 2 of Nature Serenade.)

Why did we create this title? Our publisher in the UK, New World Cassettes, asked us to create music  specifically for meditation or shamanic ritual. We spent hours and hours creating a sound that would help to draw the energy to the core of the body. The composing and playing of the music was much quicker. This has been one of our best selling titles over the years. If you prefer, purchase the CD.