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This classic is perfect to accompany energy system reconstruction visualizations, strengthening connections and alignment – it is music for energetic alignment and integration – 60 mins

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Track titles and lengths:

1. Opening (4:42) / 2. Tuning (4:11) / 3. Aligning (4:24) / 4.Balancing (5:22) / 5. Integrating (3:43) / 6. Closing (7:19) / 7. For the 5 senses (14:55) / 8. Resting (10:01) /9. New Heart – from Track 2 of New Heart (10:01)

Focus of the music:

To enhance personal and group meditations. View the exercises for more specific information about what each track helps accomplish.

Why did we create this music?

We wanted to create a more precise, intricate chakra/energy system meditation music. We focused each track on different aspects of the energy system in its totality, rather than by specific locations: 1. The opening and closing mechanisms of the chakras both major & minor 2. The integrity, straightness and strength of the energy channels that connect the chakras together 3. The actual alignment – front, back, side-to side- of the channels and chakras  4. Tuning & balancing all aspects together so they are in present time 5. and most importantly integrating and updating all the changes made throughout the entire system. We added in Track 7 For the 5 senses as well. This is an example of using predominantly the interval of the 5ths, C to G on a keyboard, for example. The effect of this interval is very relaxing and balancing. Listen for yourself. In 2002 we added JOURNEY THROUGH THE  CHAKRAS* to our therapeutic music collection, a more traditional way of working with chakras. It goes through each major chakra from the base of the spine to the top of the head. It is a classic as well and pairs well with INNER HARMONY.

*We teamed up with our friends and fellow sound therapists Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard from Spain.  If you prefer, purchase the CD.