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Improve your communication with self & others. Each color creates a special movement within. Lovely to listen to while working, creating, writing, painting, designing, etc. This music is for all kinds & levels of communication – 60 mins

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Track titles and lengths: 1. Rose (solo piano)* 7:24 / 2. Purple (Piano, violin, synthesized sounds) 9:32 / 3. Chartreuse (Cello, strings, synthesized sounds, piano, flute) 4:26 / 4. Silver (Piano, violin, synthesized sounds, harp) 8:48 / 5. Rust (Piano, strings, oboe, violin, synthesized sounds) 10:07 / 6. Mauve (Harp, pizzicato strings, clarinet, violin piano, oboe) 10:40 / 7. Gold (Synthesized sounds, piano) 8:46 *One of our most popular tracks. “Stunningly beautiful” were the words one student used. Listen yourself to the excerpt provided. Let it into your heart.

Focus of the music: To promote inward and outward communication. Download the exercises for more detailed information on the focus of each track.

Why did we create the music? While creating Personal Music, Arden observed that many people who had difficulty communicating, either with other people or themselves, had blockages between different layers of their field. When they were gone, so was the problem with their communication. Every color has a specific vibration and creates a specific movement in the system, promoting a motion that helps the individual clear the blockages. The music is a translation of that motion. If you prefer, purchase the CD.