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Boost contact with your ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. Try the lovely violet flame meditation too –  58 mins

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Exercises for Tracks 1 – 4

Exercises for Track 5

Track titles and lengths:

1. Intuition (Harp, winds, vibraphone and specially created sounds) 16:27 / 2. Being in the flow (Vibraphone, electric piano, winds and specially created sounds) 6:22 / 3. Deepening Power (Piano, vibraphone, and specially created sounds)   5:16 / 4. Violet Flame (Specially created sound)  7:16 /  5. Creation- original title ‘For Depression (Strings, male and female choir, cello, flute and specially created sounds) 24:11

Focus of the music: Track 1: Activates the flow of energy / Track 2: Stabilizes the flow / Track 3: Intensifies the flow / Track 4: Cleanses blockages / Track 5: Integrates the movement created by the other tracks/Lifts spirits when feeling low. Download the exercises for more info on the focus of each track.

Instructions: When working with feeling low, it’s best to listen to all the tracks with headphones rather than just listening to Track 5. If you feel too much movement, just stop and wait a few hours and then listen again at a lower volume. This reaction simply means that you need more time to assimilate the movement. This is more common than you think! Read more.

Why did we create this music? A common Personal Music theme was to develop intuition.  After creating many compositions for individuals, we made this more general music that everyone could use. If you prefer, purchase the CD.