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Take a journey through the 7 major chakras with 3 pioneers in sound and energy work to help you find your own unique, dynamic balance. Music for meditation, rejuvenation and inspiration – 57 mins

Michele Averard: Tibetan Bowls, Mayan Drums, Flute and Bamboo Flute, Rain Stick, Wooden Stick, Sleigh Bells, Monochord, Koto, Vocal Sounds. Michele is a singer/songwriter and also a sound therapist, cranial-sacral therapist and reflexologist.

Nestor Kornblum: Mongolian Throat Chanting, Ocean Drum, Didgeridoo, Vocal Sounds, Tibetan Bowls, Overtone Singing. Nestor is a sound therapist, Overtone chant master and specialist in indigenous instruments and the voice as healing and transformational tools. Nestor and Michele are co-founders  and co-directors of the Association of Sound Therapy and Harmonic Studies (Spain). They have created Harmonic Integration, a holistic healing system of sound therapy, vocal techniques, energy work and movement. They have an extensive discography and travel worldwide giving courses and concerts. www.harmonicsounds.com / info@harmonicsounds.com.

Arden Wilken: Primordial Sound, Wind and Space Sound, Oboe, Harp, Vocal Sounds, Vibraphone. Arden is co-founder of INNER SOUND (1978 USA), an original system of sound therapy and therapeutic music for the expression and integration of the emotions.

Track titles, lengths and focus: 1. First chakra (Tibetan bowls, Mongolian Throat Chanting, Primordial Sound) / 2. Second Chakra (Ocean drum, Mayan drums, flute, bamboo flute, rain stick, wooden stick) / 3. Third Chakra (Sleigh bells, didjeridu, oboe, vocal sounds) / 4. Fourth Chakra (Koto, harp, monochord, vocal sounds) / 5. Fifth Chakra (Vocal sounds) / 6. Sixth Chakra (Vibraphone) / 7. Seventh Chakra (Primordial Sound, Overtone Singing / 8. Fourth Chakra (Koto, harp, monochord, vocal sounds) / 9. First chakra (Tibetan bowls, Mongolian Throat Chanting, Primordial Sound)  (All tracks approximately 6 minutes.)

About sound: Sound regulates all biological processes in the body. It travels through the acupuncture meridians and energy channels that flow though the connective tissue (fascia), creating coherence at all levels in the organism, including the radiant energy fields surrounding the the body. Where it resonates most strongly in the organism depends on the kind and pitch of sound used, if it is a high or low sound, for example. The sounds on this title are focused at activating, clearing and integrating specific concentrations of energy in the body. These concentrations correspond to the endocrine glandular system: gonads, spleen, adrenals, thymus, thyroid, pituitary and pineal. These concentrations are called ‘Chakras’, a Sanskript word meaning ‘energy wheel’. There are many chakras in the organism. The major ones are numbered from the bottom to the top of the body. (The following are the most common placements of the major chakras, but different teachings assign them different areas in the body. If you are familiar with a different placement, use the closest location to the descriptions here): 1. The 1st Chakra is in the area of the gonads. 2. The 2nd Chakra is just below the navel. 3. The 3rd Chakra is in the solar plexus. 4. The 4th Chakra is in the chest (heart). 5. The 5th Chakra is in the throat. 6. The 6th chakra is in the brow. 7. The 7th Chakra is on the top of the head. The first 7 tracks in this title create an upward, expansive movement. Tracks 8 & 9 integrate and close the experience.

Instructions: Listen to the whole CD as a meditation focusing on the chakra indicated for the track. If you wish to focus on 1 track only, that works as well. Join in on Track 5 where we are making ‘funny’ sounds. This will help your ability to express yourself. Try the following: Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Relax, breathe deeply and begin your journey. Allow the different sounds to resonate in the corresponding part of your body as the chakra indicates. If you already have a specific chakra meditation, let the sounds enhance it. If you are just beginning to focus on this part of you, let the sounds take you more deeply into yourself. (Headphones are recommended.)

Why did we create this CD? In 1998 the 3 of us started to give joint sound meditation events at health shows in Barcelona, Spain and London. In 2002 we decided it was time to make a CD of it. Nestor & Michele have a wonderful ‘cupola’, dome, in Alcalali near Valencia, Spain with great acoustics where they give their residential sound workshops. So we took our recording equipment there and in just a few hours recorded what you hear- all in one take. Thanks to Jack Wilken for all the sound engineering and recording. It wouldn’t happen without his expertise.  We hope you enjoy it. We had a wonderful time creating it. (Graphic Design: Jack & Heidi Wilken)

Jack, Arden, Nestor and Michele are the founding members of IAST, the International Association of Sound Therapy, an international directory of sound practitioners, a public resource for sound therapy/healing. If is free to join. If you prefer, purchase the CD.