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Practice yoga, meditation, contemplation & mindfulness with these music & sounds, taking you to another, peace-giving dimension – in Just tuning* – 54 mins

Track titles and lengths: 1.  Introduction- going inside (Flute, strings) 5:28 / 2. The practice (Chimes, air chimes) 39:32 / 3. Integration (Flutes, strings) 6:01

*Just tuning is a way that instruments are tuned to reflect the natural harmonics of the voice. Whatever the music, a feeling of greater relaxation is normally reported. This title forms part of our Just Series (JUST CELTIC, JUST PIANO, JUST YOGA.)

Focus of the music: To deepen the practice of Yoga and Meditation

Why did we create this title: We were commissioned by EDITORES CENSANA in Barcelona, Spain to create music specifically for use with yoga. Arden took up yoga to be able to enter into the ‘energy’, never having practiced it before. She also observed different kinds of yoga classes in Europe. We created a very special sound for Track 2 to evoke ‘the primordial sound’, the OM, surrounding all who listen. If you prefer, purchase the CD.