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The Inner Sound motifs are recorded in the natural sounds of this singular title for birth and rebirth with ‘Day in the sun’ & ‘Nite Muse’ –  60 mins

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Track titles and lengths: 

1. Day in the sun (Natural sounds- stream, birds, frogs and crickets- flute, choir and strings) 30:15

2. Night Muse: from stillness to storm and back again. (Natural sounds- wind, rain, thunderstorm and birds- piano, harp, strings and birds) 29:39

Focus of title: To facilitate the birth/rebirth process at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Helps to focus on cellular memory. Be sure to download the exercises for more information about all the ways you can work with this title.

Why did we create this title? Our publisher asked for a title with natural sounds, one track with a stream and the other birds. We decided to try something different and pitched the sounds to notes on the keyboard, so Arden actually played some of our motifs using the natural sounds. The music is really incidental, to evoke a journey during the day along the stream, and a thunderstorm at night. Many mothers-to-be have used Track 2 in the background while giving birth. Funnily, it never sold well in the UK, but certainly did in Spain. One couple there wrote to us about their experience, “We were driving on the very dry, high planes in central Spain. We put your cassette on and within 10 minutes of listening to the 1st track it started to pour. When the 1st track stopped so did the rain. There was not a cloud in sight before or after the rain.” If you prefer, purchase the CD.