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Playtime- marching, moving, then rest to integrate and grow. Allows space for the ‘creative child’ in adults as well – 48 mins

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Track titles and lengths: 1. Daytime play (Pan flutes, bagpipes, African snofar, piano, strings, harp and winds) 24:13 / 2. Nighttime rest (Celeste and vibraphone) 48:08

Focus of the music: Creativity/Supports the learning process for ages 4 -12 years. Be sure to download to exercises for more information on all the ways you can use this music.

Why did we create this title? Our UK publisher asked for a cassette for children, and, as well, the ‘inner child’. At that time many people were working with old childhood memories and also didn’t want their own children to suffer as they had. In the very beginning after it was released, we found that children loved it, but their parents not so much. It didn’t meet their musical expectations. Once they got past that, they enjoyed it very much along side their kids. Our Italian publisher, Ludi Sounds, wanted the title as well. When we sent him the master, he called us and said, “There’s something wrong with what you sent me. There’s this noise at the beginning” Upon investigation it turned out that he had mistaken the bagpipes in the opening bars as noise! Listen for yourself to Track 1. Times do change. If you prefer, purchase the CD.