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Music for activating the body’s natural healing energy focusing on the acupuncture point in the sternum with color baths of orange, blue & green – 60 mins

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Track titles and lengths: 1. Music for Healing (Synthesized sounds, winds and piano) 30:00 / 2. Color baths: Orange, blue and green (Bells, synthesized sounds, strings and winds)  30:00

Note: Drink a little water before and after listening.

Focus of the music: For support during physical illness. Be sure to download the exercises to use this title to its fullest.

Why did we create this title? (We would never use this title today as the word ‘healing’ is frowned upon except when in relation to licensed medical professions. If you have a condition, be sure to seek medical advice.) Again, our UK publisher asked us for music to support healing, particularly physical. Over the years many people have written that it has helped them in the long recoveries from an accident or illness while in the hospital or convalescing. Interestingly, they reported that they didn’t ‘like’ it when they had purchased it out of curiosity before they were ill. When they needed it, they found that reaction totally changed and their bodies’ seemed to drink in the music. Read below about one experience concerning a pet dog.

A personal experience from one of our listeners: I had just brought my little dog home from the vet where he had had an operation for an intestinal blockage. Without thinking about him I put on your new tape to experience what I felt with it. After only a few moments I noticed Storm drag himself up from where he was lying and move over to lie directly in front of on one of the floor speakers. He lay there through 3 complete repetitions. When I put it on the fourth time, he got up and moved away from the speaker. For the next several days I put the music on for him frequently and every time he came right over to the speaker and lay down, getting up apparently when he had had enough. When I took him to the vet for his first post-operative check-up, the vet was very surprised at how quickly the wound had healed’.” If you prefer, purchase the CD.