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Experience a mighty storm & voyage along a river into an underground cavern to discover your innate, inner power – natural sounds and music for  strengthening the masculine/yang energy – 60 mins

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Track titles and lengths: 1. Journey through the sea (Winds, strings, piano and the sea) 30:00 / 2. Revelation (Strings, winds, piano, vibraphone and a river with cavern) 30:00

Focus of the music: Grounding, being more connected to the physical reality of the planet. Be sure to download the exercises.

Why did we create this title? Our Spanish editor, INFINITUM MUSIC, asked us to create a cassette with natural sounds. We turned the sound journey into an inward one to connect with our strength within. One young man told us that he liked very much many of our other titles, but not NATURE SERENADE. Every time he put it on, he didn’t feel well, so he stopped. We explained to him about what was happening to him, that an old tension or blockage was being touched, and, that if he wanted to listen, this music would be an excellent way to help dissolve it. He decided that he did and one day he called us to say that he had been able to listen to both tracks at one sitting and that he had had a big insight into his relationship with his father. The uncomfortable feeling was gone and he really liked the music. If you prefer, purchase the CD.