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Meditate on clearing old wounds of the heart, promote emotional bonding with others. Both tracks are at 60 beats per minutes. Great to accompany learning – 60 mins

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Tracks titles and lengths: 1. Opening the Heart (Harp, vibraphone, winds, brass and choir) 30:00 / 2. New Heart (Piano, pizzacato strings and synthesized sounds) 30:00

Focus of the music: Clear physical tensions in the heart/chest area, open the heart chakra for a deeper connection with self and others. The tempo of this music is at 60 beats per minute and can be used as background music to enhance learning situations. It works well in this case at low volumes.

Please note: The music on Track 2 is based on DNA sequences translated into musical notes by Dave Dreamer of the Department of Biology at the University of California, Davis, California in the 1980’s. He sent us many sequences at that time and the most interesting ones musically were part of the chain whose function were still a mystery at that time.

Why did we create this music? In 1984 we created our first 3 cassettes for New World Cassettes in the UK: HEART, INNER HARMONY & MUSIC FOR HEALING. A few years later, when we were able to purchase better recording equipment, we created new music for all of them and we retired those early titles. This time we were asked to make the music at 60 beats per minute to aid in learning. If you prefer, purchase the CD.