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NOTE: The 1st track of each program is the same motif- Centering- designed to center & focus quickly. The 2nd track of each program is a combination of INNER SOUND motifs for opening and creating a pathway and inner connection to the underlying negative pattern. The 3rd & 4th tracks, which are excepts from some of our therapeutic music titles, aid in clearing the pattern. SSRS, psycho-acoustic effects recorded with the music, can produce a range of physiological & mental changes including relaxation, altered brain-wave states & hypnogogic (sleep – producing) imagery. They enhance the effect of the music.


Choose 1 program to work with for a 2-week period. Listen up to 3 times a day with headphones. (Can be used during activity in the background as well though effect is less.) Programs are roughly 15 minutes each. Reduce listening to other music to a minimum. This will help create more focus on the desired area of change. (If this is not possible, you will still experience results, but they will be slower in coming.) At the end of the 2 weeks, rest for 5 days before repeating the cycle either by using the same program or by choosing a different one. The 2-week cycle can be repeated any number of times. Although this music is used worldwide by professionals in many fields to enhance the therapeutic process & personal transformation, if a consistent problem exists or occurs, seek professional help.


Music in general is one of the most useful, easy & enjoyable ways to move from negative emotional states to more positive ones. This is because music speaks directly to our emotions, by-passing the rational mind. It is able to ‘touch’ us on a profound, essential level- even to the soul.

The following exercise can be used at any time during the day, not necessarily in conjunction with the Listening Programs. It will not only enhance the effect of the programs, but help to create change on its own. This exercise involves learning to listen to music with your whole body. This will help you develop more mindfulness and the ability to feel where the music you normally listen to affects you on all levels.

EXERCISE: Either sit with your feet flat on the floor & your hands separated on your thighs, or lie down with your hands at your sides. Select the 3rd or 4th track from this Listening Programs, put on your headphones and start the music. Spend a moment focusing on your breathing, trying to breathe as completely & slowly as you can. Then imagine you are sensing the sounds & notes of the music through your whole body, not just through your ears. Imagine that with each breath it is circulating throughout your entire body, reaching every cell from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Be aware of where you feel it the most and what emotions or thoughts, if any, you are aware of. Continue in this way until the music stops. If you need more time, just play the music again. You may find this easy to do the first time, or you may need more time. This is perfectly normal. After practicing  with this music, try it with some of your favorite music and see what you experience.


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