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Inner radiance, an inner road to relaxed vitalization and a radiant body- listen and let the music take you where it will. Wonderful meditations to try too – 70:56 mins

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Track titles and lengths: 1. Gentle Heart (Guitar, winds, trumpet and strings) 8:36 / 2. Radiant Body (Electric piano) 13:20 / 3. Gentler Heart (Guitar, winds, trumpet and strings) 7:55  4. Inner Road (Cello, winds, strings, electric piano) 6:49 / 5.  Inner Radiance (Choir, electric piano) 9:06 / 6. Colors: Orange, blue and green (Strings and specifically created sounds) Original title: MUSIC for HEALING  Track 2, 1985 & 1992- 26:00

Focus of the music: Create more light and space around the body to aid in relaxation and support physical well-being.

Why did we create this music? Our UK publisher asked us to create music to promote health. Track 2 is a recording of a ‘Spiral of 5ths’, a precursor to our tuning forks for relaxation which came into being 10 years later in 1998. We were already working with the relaxation effect of the 5ths used in a spiral when we created RADIANT BODY. When we put the cassette onto a CD, we added part of Track 2 from MUSIC FOR HEALING as CDs have more space. If you prefer, purchase the CD.