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Surround your Reiki sessions for self and others with these pure therapeutic music flows starting with a gentle sea + silence cues. Music to accompany Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing technique – 71 min

Track titles and lengths: 1. Auto Reiki 19:30 / 2. Reiki Treatment 51:20 (The CD has 3 tracks, the first being 15 seconds of silence.) Sounds: Chimes, sea sounds, gong, electric piano, strings, choir, flute, cello, brass, Tibetan bowls, harp)

Focus of the music: To enhance and complement Reiki sessions. “The principle function of REIKI is to re-establish energetic balance in the human organism.”

Why did we create this title? Escuela Censana (Censana School) in Barcelona, Spain was offering a REIKI training along with their other integrative medicine courses. They asked us to create a CD to accompany it. They were very definite about starting it with 15 seconds of silence even though we advised against it – people might not realize it was there to help them have time to start the CD and then get into position for the session. We hope you aren’t surprised by it! If you prefer, purchase the CD.