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Lilting melodies with sea in the background to take you down into a deep state of relaxation. Perfect in the background for manual therapies, such as Shiatsu, reflexology and energy sessions – 65 mins

How to get the most benefit from our music.

Track Focus and Lengths: Track 1  Deep Repose (Chimes, choir, strings, harp, piano, woodwinds, vibraphone and the sea) 40:00   Recorded in Just A* / Track 2  Light Repose (Harp, Strings, vibraphone, piano and woodwinds) 25:17  Recorded in Just G*

*Just Tuning contains many musical intervals that match the natural harmonies in the voice, creating less stress on the nervous system and promoting greater, more rapid relaxation.

Why did we create this title? Escuela Censana in Barcelona, Spain asked us to create background music to accompany and manual therapies such as reflexology and similar techniques to enhance their effect. Play at a low volume in the background or with headphones. This is one our most most popular titles. People find it very beautiful to listen to and effective, aiding the listener to enter more quickly and deeply into a state of relaxation. If you prefer, purchase the CD.