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VOLUME II - Finding Balance to Unlock Your Potential
VOLUME II – Finding Balance to Unlock Your Potential
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The music from Volume II is intended to assist the listeners to reach their highest potential and achieve their goals of healing. Unlimited possibilities unfold as the music supports the listener through energetic equilibrium and balance. A neutral listening space is provided to open and clear any imbalance being experienced and replace those blockages with a steadiness to make change. Healing begins! Add Volume II of the Healing Touch for Animals and Their People music titles to your collection today!

1: New Beginnings (Length 6:20)

The music allows one to settle and calm opening an avenue to release outside distractions to better receive healing. The music sets the stage to start anew while giving the inner-self permission to make change.

2: Meet and Greet (Length 3:25)

The factors of trust and surrender are represented by “Meet and Greet”. This track helps with the even-keel of unconditional love while providing a sense of being well-grounded. The music enhances the Human/Animal bond and the connection of the Human/Human bond which provides acceptance in the moment.

3: Realize Highest Potential (Length 6:15)

 These sounds provide a vehicle to achieve the appropriate momentum for healing and meeting goals. This music helps the listener find his/her correct momentum and the frequency needed to achieve his/her highest potential. The music floats at times, and then anchors, creating the energetic movement needed to clear blockages, balance the body and assist with energetic integrity to achieve the heart’s desires.

4: Grounding and Focus (Length 10:58)

 The music represents the release of distractions and frustrations of external stimulus and brings an integration to being present. Based on the Healing Touch for Animals® Grounding and Focus™ technique this music will enhance the meeting point and connection to “here and now”. Relaxation is provided and overrides the hyperactivity of body, mind and spirit — all is well.

5: Triumph! (Length 8:20)

 “Triumph” honors the Master Animal Healers of our world and how they help their people heal. This music provides an expansion of the listener’s energy system to bring greater healing integration allowing unlimited healing possibilities.

6: Listen Through Whispers (Length 7:47)

 Active communication between animals and people is often sought and yet rarely achieved. An avenue to hear what an animal is trying to convey comes through the energetic vibration in this music. This music helps reach the whispering space between humanness and animal instinct. Our heart connects to the soul of the animal, then resonates through human understanding — it is truly about the “Listening”.

7: Hope (Length 9:22)

 Releasing deep trauma is experienced through these gentle sounds. Without reliving the initial suffering, the music brings relaxation of the traumatic “trigger” and supports the body to let go. The gentleness of the release stabilizes the emotions and brings hope to body, mind and spirit.

8: Healing At A Distance (Length 8:35)

 The music creates a manifestation of possibilities beyond our physical capabilities and takes the listener to a place of creation, balance and trust giving the utmost ability for healing. The joyful sounds give a sense of “all things are possible”.

©Healing Touch for Animals® February 2010