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01 JOURNEY THRU 4 BRAIN-WAVE STATES (the brain tape)
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70 mins Music for exercising the mind  Great to help your mental capabilities be more flexible & agile. Because of SSRS effects, it’s made to be used with headphones while studying, working at the computer, walking or during contemplation. And, you can play it at a low volume in the background during passive or active activity, though with less effect.   How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Track 01 Journey through 4 brain-wave states – beta, alpha, theta and delta (piano, strings, created sounds) 30:00

Track 02 Integration of left & right hemispheres (electric piano, strings) 30:00

Track 03 Expansion (from Track 1 of MUSIC FOR CHILDREN) – (strings, oboe, piano) 10:00 Focus: integrates movement created by Tracks 01 & 02

Focus of Tracks 01 & 02 

– Balance of the hemispheres, aiding deeper states of consciousness where the body can more easily heal itself.

– Learning processes for adolescents and adults– Alpha wave production, concentration, mental focus, expanding consciousness, mental clarity, memory improvement, regression

– Self-esteem, personal power– Energetic Alignment and integration

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