Sympathetic Resonance
1. Activate on the rubber pad the 880 Hz tuning fork and immediately place it at the un-notched end of the resonator.
The resonator will begin to sound faintly.
Take the 880 Hz tuning fork away and the resonator will continue to sound.

2. Next, activate the 883 Hz tuning fork and place it at the same end of the resonator as before. The resonator will again begin to sound faintly. Now, take the 883 Hz tuning fork away from the resonator. The sound will stop abruptly as soon as the tuning fork is taken away.
This demonstrates 2 aspects of sympathetic resonance: 1. An object with a matching frequency will begin to vibrate when its matching frequency is sounded nearby, and 2. Even though an object can be forced to vibrate with a sound nearby even though it does not match exactly, it will not continue to vibrate when that sound is taken away. Because each one of us is unique, the frequencies which will affect us are equally so. What we have found is that by using the interval of the 5th with our Spiral of 5ths tuning forks, the effect of sympathetic resonance is more precise and predictable.