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For profound and immediate relaxation while ‘floating in the sea’. This title has the most SSRS effects – natural sounds and music60 mins

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Track titles and lengths:

1: Sea sounds from the Mediterranean  (30:00)

2: Sea sounds with the mythical echo of Sirens (30:00)

Focus of the music:


Note: This is the only INNER SOUND title where the primary effect comes from the psycho-acoustic effects, the music playing a supporting role. It helps to activate the ‘relax’ response in the body so that it enters quickly and deeply into this state. Often, just by being able to relax deeply on a frequent basis, many problems at all levels of being can be resolved or healed.

Although equally balanced and spaced speakers can be used, this title is most effective with headphones. Particularly with smart phones and tablets the speakers can become ‘overwhelmed’ by the sound. If the sea sounds like an airplane rather than the sea, you’ll know what we mean.  Headphones should solve it.

Why did we create this title? We were living and working in Barcelona, Spain and had been researching special effects (known as ‘psycho-acoustic effects, how the brain processes sound) that could potentially enhance the effect of our music. Jack decided to take one of the special recording effects he developed and use it and others to make a cassette that was focused totally at relaxation. We recorded the sound of the sea at the beach by the port where we were living and then he took it apart and put it back together with the effects. The result is what you hear. When listening you literally feel as if you are floating in the sea. If you prefer, purchase the CD.