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Relax to 24 well-loved classical works for piano from Bach to Debussy (1650-1910) – recorded at historical pitches – 54 mins

Track titles and lengths: 1. J.S. Bach- 2-part invention No. 8 (00:53) / 2. Lully- Courante (3:46) / 3. D. Scarlatti- Aria (1:11) / 4. J.S. Bach- Petit Prelude (1:03) / 5. J.S. Back- Minuet (1:40) / 6. J.S. Bach-2-part invention No.14 (1:21) / 7. Mozart Favorite- Waltz (1:12) / 8. Beethoven- Bagatelle I (3:10) / 9. Beethoven- First movement, ‘Moonlight Sonata’ (5:05) / 10. Gounod- Les Pifferari (00:56) / 11. Schumann- First Disappointment (1:34) / 12. Schumann- Melody (1:19) / 13. Schumann- Träumerei (2:11) / 14. Chopin- Prelude No. 4 (3:00) / 15. Chopin- Prelude No. 6 (2:28) / 16. Chopin- Prelude No. 20 (1:20) / 17. Chopin- (Excerpt) Etude No. 3 (2:54) / 18. Brahms- Waltz No 15 (1:31) / 19. Mussorgsky- Promenade I, Picture on an Exhibition (1:32) / 20. Mussorgsky- The Old Castle, Picture on an Exhibition (4:04) / 21. Debussy- Arabesque I (3:39) / 22. Debussy- Le Petit Negre (1:41) / 23. Debussy- Clair de Lune (3:36) / 24. Pälmgren- May Night 3:38

Focus of the music: Enjoy classical music in pure tuning, bringing less stress to the nervous system.

Why did we create this music? As more and more people used our music to relax tension in the body, we realized that we needed to have more ‘entry’ titles, that were simply focused at relaxation –  providing a way for someone to begin or to start to relax. Using Jack’s research on the value of more natural tunings, we incorporated one called ‘Just’ tuning into this title. It forms a part of our Just Series (3 titles: JUST CELTIC, JUST PIANO & JUST YOGA).

Part of the therapeutic value of this title comes from the order we put the pieces in. For nearly all our courses and therapeutic music titles we use a structure called NOBFI. (It comes from the structure of each Personal Music.) N – Neutral, O = Opening, B = Breaking, F = Focusing and I = Integrating. This structure allows for a very systematic relaxation of tension in a complete, integrated way. JUST PIANO has this structure too. The strongest breaking track is #16, with Chopin’s famous Prelude No 20. The subsequent tracks move on to start gathering and focusing the movement made so that the organism can integrate it by the time Track 24 is over. Not only are the  selected pieces beautiful to listen, if you enjoy classical music that is, but the order chosen also helps you to integrate the listening experience.

Personal Experience from one of our listeners: ‘I heard my mother play many of these pieces as a child. When I heard this CD, I hadn’t thought of those years and my mother in a very long time. It was like a walk down memory lane- very, very pleasant. I loved the pure tuning- it felt much smoother than when I normally hear the piano- it was like a velvet touch.’ If you prefer, purchase the CD.