Ever wanted to have therapeutic music created for you, 
for anything you would like to change?
You’ve found it with the Personal Music of INNER SOUND.
Over 20,000 have benefited worldwide since 1978.

where it all began

Get inspired, let go of old patterns, create new ones,
let your body be awesome, know what you feel and communicate it,
expand your consciousness, be connected….

Custom music created for your particular goals/themes from the research of Arden & Jack Wilken

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HOW IS IT CREATED? You and the practitioner spend the time needed to thoroughly understand what it is you would like to change (can be multiple wishes) and then they conduct an extensive interview to learn more about you: areas of stress past and present physically, mentally,  emotionally & spiritually, make specific assessments using your body’s physical structure (from photos, if necessary), find out about your musical preferences and more.  Then they will compile your Personal Music choosing from 140 sound bytes (including the INNER SOUND motifs and variations) that are made up of a wide variety of instruments, including singing bowls & different tunings (from 10 seconds to 6 minutes in length). This compilation will be anywhere from about 30 minutes to 42 minutes maximum. If you are not present and this has been done via phone or video call, your music will arrive as either a .wav or .flac file along with listening instructions for best results. (If you have Apple products, you may need to download a free file converter to listen –  such as VLC Media player for Mac.)

LISTENING INSTRUCTIONS: You will receive detailed listening instructions to receive the maximum benefit in the shortest period of time from the music, and the Practitioner will follow up to find out how you are doing. Sometimes you will be able to listen and benefit from your Personal Music for years, while at other times, your body will have absorbed the movement created by the different tracks in only a few weeks to a month. Depending on what you wish to work on, over time you may want to have several Personal Music Compilations created to keep going deeper to release old tension stored in your body and field. For example, in the 1990’s Arden created over 15 personal music compilations for one individual. There is no limit to the depth it can take you into yourself.

The most important thing about listening is to let go of any judgment or preconceived ideas about what music you like or you think is ‘healing’ and simply let the music take you where it will. You may have thoughts, memories, images, smells, physical sensations, etc. while listening. They are all perfectly normal and should pass quickly. If they don’t, ask your practitioner about them. Normally, you just need to listen less frequently as you are experiencing more movement than you can easily assimilate. Less is more. Find out more.

HISTORY: On April 6, 1978 after studying energy work for 2 years and music since early childhood,  Arden Wilken was asked to sit down at her premier instrument, the piano, and ‘play’ someone’s field. She had no idea how to do this, but sat down at the keyboard anyway, went into a meditative state (dominance of alpha brainwaves), focused on the individual – imagined spreading their energy across the keys- and started to play. He was amazed at what he felt and so was she. This was the 1st Personal Music. Over the next 18 years Arden created over 10,000 for individuals across the globe from diverse cultures, ages and states of health. From the beginning she always based the Personal Music on what the person wanted to change. Originally they were recorded on cassette, then CD and were always 15 minutes long. In 2000 she changed the Personal Music creation to what it is today, allowing others the pleasure of creating Personal Music without needing any musical training.

WHAT DOES IT SOUND LIKE? Below are 4 sound bytes that a Practitioner might choose to use in your Personal Music Compilation depending on your unique characteristics and the theme(s) you would like help with. The last one is what the original personal music sounded like when Arden created them spontaneously, one by one, in a meditative state from 1978 to 1996. (Because the Personal Music is now compiled from different sound bytes, you are often taken quickly from one type of sound or music to another, track by track – particularly since some tracks are under 1 minute. This kind of transition is actually part of what makes the Personal Music so effective- you are taken out of where you are, focusing on a new place…)


 Choose from one of our Personal Music Practitioners with years of experience, having over 500 hours of training and supervision with Arden, the creator of the Personal Music:
Sheila in London /  Alexander & Maarten in the Netherlands / Isabel, Juan Antonio & Maria Fernanda in Spain / Cheryl in Reno, NV, Mari in Virginia Beach, USA or Arden
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 Pricing and logistics vary by country – normally around US$120/100 euros – Arden is more and only works virtually.