listening programs

We discovered quite by accident that listening to a combo of our therapeutic music titles
in a specific order over a period of days or weeks boosted the relaxation effect for different requested themes.

Try them and see what you experience.
(Stick to one program for several weeks before trying another one.)

(Look at this one first)

CHILDREN (1 – 4 yrs)
CHILDREN (4 – 7 yrs) 
CHILDREN (7 – 12 yrs)
TEENS (12 – 20 yrs)

What's a listening program?

A listening program is a way to gain greater benefit from our music. Instead of just listening to 1 title or more randomly to several titles, you listen more attentively, following a specific order for a number of days. Upon completion, you evaluate any progress made and decide to repeat or not – or choose a new program.  Any exercises for the titles can be included as well for further benefit. 

How were they developed?

In the 1980’s we duplicated all our own cassettes that we sold on 3 different recorders all around the boat. For quality control we played them through speakers to catch any errors. We had about 7 titles and each morning Arden would get up and think, “What shall we copy today?” So one day it was 8 hours of listening to THE BRAIN TAPE or 8 hours of listening to INNER FOCUS, etc. Slowly we began to realize how all of us in the family were changing – feeling more harmonious, better thinking, etc. and realized it was not just the benefit of 1 title, but the order in which we listened to them that created the cumulative benefit. The Listening Programs were born. Learn about them in depth / create your own.