This kit is a teaching aid for demonstrating a number of acoustic principles such as sympathetic resonance, mechanical coupling, etc. Read more below. (Plus shipping.)
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We use this handy, compact demo kit in our tuning fork trainings to demonstrate sympathetic resonance.
This use + 3 others is described below. This kit comes from our tuning fork manufacturer, Riverbank Laboratories in IL, USA.

Box contents: 1 aluminum tube tuning fork, 1 tuning fork each of 880Hz and 883Hz, 1 mallet and instructions

Sympathetic Resonance
Activate on the rubber pad the 880 Hz tuning fork and immediately place it at the un-notched end of the resonator.
The resonator will begin to sound faintly. Take the 880 Hz tuning fork away and the resonator will continue to sound.

Beat Phenomenon
By striking the tube and setting it into resonance at 880 Hz, plus striking the 883 Hz fork and setting it into vibration, then placing the vibrating 883 Hz fork at the mouth of the tube the 3 Hz/sec hetrodyne (beat frequency) can be heard. 

Mechanical Vibration
By striking the 880 Hz fork, then placing the handle end into mechanical contact with the tube as shown in the photograph, a mechanical energy transfer point is accomplished setting the tube into vibration. 

Doppler Effect
The 883 Hz fork is provided with a hole in the handle, through which a cord can be tied. The fork can be struck and then swung in a circle demonstrating to students, outside the circle, the Doppler effect, for example, how the sound changes when the observer and sound source shift positions.