What’s a Motif: A motif is a short musical phrase made up of several notes with a distinctive rhythmic pattern. Since 1978, through her investigative work with sound and music, Arden Wilken has identified over 50 motifs that have their own distinct movement. You can listen to samples of the 21 basic ones on the Sound Touch title or you can¬†sing or play them. You can even take Master¬† Classes with Arden.
(The motifs form the harmonic basis for our Therapeutic Music titles.)

The video below is from an Advanced Tuning Fork Training in Virginia Beach, VA taught by Arden in 2015.
She is explaining about how she identified the 21 basic motifs from the creation of over 10,000 Personal Music compositions for individuals between 1978 to 1996, and some of the guidelines for their use with the Inner Sound Tuning Forks.

Please note: What Arden says just before the video starts: “I always created the Personal Music for people based on what they asked for. Then I looked at their body & field to see where the blockages were that were keeping them from being able to create what they wanted….