Arden and Jack have been together since 1978 traveling the world to learn about love, relationships
and sound to bring you the sound therapy tools on this site.
(Photo from 2017 Kona, HI)

The elements of INNER SOUND create a movement of expansion and contraction
helping to release tension stored in the body and field.


Value of

listening to music you don't like
  • Softens tension = Relaxation
  • Balances reflexes
  • Long-term change


from integrated use of sounds
Right sound ratio
  • more strings, woodwinds and brass
  • Less bowls & percussion
  • More voice


create a specific, integrated structure
Sessions, Courses, Concerts...
  • 5 Phases (NOBFI)
  • Neutral/Open/Break
  • Focus/Integrate


to enhance benefit of our music
SSRS: Psycho-acoustic effects
  • Therapeutic music titles
  • Some unique to inner sound
  • Feels like you're floating in the sea

Tuning Forks

Spiral of 5ths- help clients & family relax
Always applied in pairs at the ears
  • Quick, repeatable relaxation
  • Few counter-indications
  • Short & long-term change


They are standard Worldwide
In Sound Therapy
  • Practitioner-correspondence
  • Voice/Therapeutic Music/
  • Personal Music/ Tuning Forks & Instructor


Basic melodies found in music
Identified from 1978-1996
  • Each have their own effect
  • Used with Voice, Tuning Forks, OM Flutes
  • Sound Touch, Personal Music

Personal Music

It all began in 1978
Over 20,000 created
  • Available from our Practitioners
  • Custom music for change
  • Unique to Inner Sound


Arden is an American musician, composer, energy and sound therapist and body worker. She is co-founder of INNER SOUND (1978), an original system of sound therapy and therapeutic music. She was born in Santa Rosa, CA April 18, 1950.

Credentials: LMT #60342219 (WA) / BCTMB (Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Body Work) / Certified Postural Integrator /  ILS Practitioner / BA in Music Theory U of WA /100 Ton Master’s License USCG (near coastal, endorsed for sailing & towing).

Arden studied Postural Integration from 2004 to 2010 at the California Institute for Postural Integration in Fairfax, CA. (Director: Martyne Viens- 415-721-7509/ email:

Peer-reviewed Article: Co-author with Jack Wilken, “Our Sonic Pathways” in the Journal of Subtle Energy & Energy Medicine Vol 16 No 3 -January 23, 2007


Jack has a diverse background: Oceanography, boat building/sailing, sound engineering, inventor and body work. He is co-founder of INNER SOUND (1978), an original system of sound therapy and therapeutic music. He was born in Santa Monica, CA July 12, 1944. 

Credentials: Certified Postural Integrator / 100 Ton Master’s License USCG (near coastal, endorsed for sailing & towing) / AS in Technical Oceanography, Fullerton College / US Coast Guard Reserve.

Jack studied Postural Integration from 1995-97 with the founder Jack Painter (died June 28, 2010) in Mill Valley, CA.

Peer-reviewed Article: Co-author with Arden Wilken, “Our Sonic Pathways” in the Journal of Subtle Energy & Energy Medicine Vol 16 No 3 -January 23, 2007  

November 17, 1978 – Married on the shores of Lake Tahoe, CA
Dec 1978 to August 1979 – Lived in Taiwan for a boat-building project
 May 1980 to 1982 – Sailed from Vancouver BC to Martha’s Vineyards on a 33 foot sailboat
1981 – Son Alex born in San Jose Costa Rica
1983-2004 – Sailed & lived on various boats in the Mediterranean, living 2 years in Malta, a total of 2 years in Italy and the rest in Port Ginesta, near Barcelona, Spain
1984 – Daughter Heidi born in Carthage, Tunisia
1996 – Daughter Jana born in Germany
2004 to the present – Moved boat to Seattle, WA as a base, continuing to travel, work and sail  

Arden and Jack in about 1990.

 Our thanks to Jani Drewfs (New Mexico) who created most of the artwork for the early CDs and literature-
  also, to Merce Trepat (Barcelona, Spain) for the cover art for DEEP TOUCH, INTUITION & MAGICAL GARDEN CDs. Many acknowledgements to the
photographers/creators on unsplash for their marvelous photos found on this site.
And to the thousands of people who helped us learn, grow and create the sound tools on this site.

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and, of course, Jack.

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