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‘A magical journey’ thru 4 brain wave states, beta, alpha, delta & theta, to help your mental capabilities be more flexible & agile. – 70 mins Because of SSRS effects, it’s made to be used with headphones while studying, working at the computer, walking, during light exercise or contemplation. And, you can play it at a low volume in the background during passive or active activity, though with less effect.

How to listen to our music for maximum benefit.

Track 01 Journey through 4 brain-wave states – beta, alpha, theta and delta (piano, strings, created sounds) 30:00

Track 02 Integration of left & right hemispheres (electric piano, strings) 30:00 Track 03 Expansion (from Track 1 of MUSIC FOR CHILDREN) – (strings, oboe, piano) 10:00 Focus: integrates movement created by Tracks 01 & 02

Focus of Tracks 01 & 02 – Balance of the hemispheres, aiding deeper states of consciousness where the body can more easily heal itself – Learning processes for adolescents and adults– Alpha wave production, concentration, mental focus, expanding consciousness, mental clarity, memory improvement, regression – Self-esteem, personal power– Energetic Alignment and integration

Why did we create the music?

This is one of our earliest titles, commissioned by Colin Wilcox of New World Cassettes in the UK. People loved it, but not at exhibitions. He couldn’t play it there, because people would come up and listen to it and then sort of walk away without buying anything –  but later they would! If you prefer, purchase the CD.