Purchase Practitioner options (Tuning Forks, Therapeutic Music, Personal Music individually, or Master – All) with monthly payments after initial purchase or discounted with a single payment.
You can only be enrolled in one option at a time. This means that once you enroll in a course/training, you need to complete it before purchasing another one.

Master – All option is the best value, including 3 independent study courses
as well as all 3 Practitioner curriculums at a discount.
(Discounted from $3840)

Tuning Forks

Central Nervous System Relaxation Tool
$ 1515 No prerequisties
  • Relax specific physical, emotional, mental & energetic themes
  • Our tuning forks = FDA approved Type 1 Medical Devices
  • Focus on body mechanics for consistent self-care
  • Rapid, repeatable results in minutes - easily portable
  • Discounted price: $1390

Therapeutic Music

Integrated relaxation
$ 595 Prerequiste
  • Use body & iris structures to create taylormade music programs
  • Direct release of past tension stored in the body and field
  • Create your own listening programs or use ours
  • + Exercises/visualizations to enhance the music
  • Discounted price: $545

Personal Music

Master Program in Sound Alchemy
$ 1515 Prerequisites
  • One-on-one LIVE classes with Arden Wilken, the founder
  • Learn how to create Personal Music for clients
  • Build intuition and develop "sense" of the effect of sound
  • Choose from 140 sound bytes/multiple instruments
  • Discounted price: $1390

Master - All option

Deep, coherent change
$ 3430 No prerequistes
  • Master level for all three practices + 01, 03, 04
  • Understand and implement physics of sound
  • Build practice offerings for clients, family & friends
  • Earn commissions with Affiliate Program
  • Super Discounted Price: $3358