Arden Wilken
(March 2021 in Kona, HI)

Arden is an American musician, composer, sound therapist, energy and body worker. She is co-founder of INNER SOUND (1978), an original system of sound therapy and therapeutic music. She was born in Santa Rosa, CA April 18, 1950.

Credentials: LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) #60342219 (WA) / BCTMB (Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Body Work) / Certified Postural Integrator /  ILS Practitioner /Safe and Sound Protocol Practitioner / BA in Music Theory U of WA /100 Ton Master’s License USCG (near coastal, endorsed for sailing & towing).

Arden studied Postural Integration from 2004 to 2010 at the California Institute for Postural Integration in Fairfax, CA. (Director: Martyne Viens- 415-721-7509/ email:

Peer-reviewed Article: Co-author with Jack Wilken, “Our Sonic Pathways” in the Journal of Subtle Energy & Energy Medicine Vol 16 No 3 -January 23, 2007

Arden  is the composer or arranger/performer of the following 29 Therapeutic Music CDs (1986 to the present): Aromatherapy/The Brain Tape/Cosmic Alignment/Deep Touch/Dreamtime/Floating in the Sea/Inner Focus/Inner Harmony/Inner Sun/Intuition/Journey Through the Chakras/Just Celtic/Just Piano/Just Yoga/Magical Garden/Music for Children/Music for Healing/Nature Serenade/New Heart/Radiant Body/Reiki/Repose/Sound Touch/Voyage to Freedom.

Music for Animals: Healing Music for Animals and Their People, Vols I, II, III (Healing Touch for Animals) These 3 CDs for animals form part of The Rescue Animal MP3 Project. Calm my Pet (a collection of tracks from our other CDs) for Dr. Pamela Fischer of The Rescue Animal mp3 Project. (All the music is not compressed though as are mp3 audio files, but are full spectrum sound- wav files.)

A Healing Journey Through Sound: Healing Music for Healing Touch level 1 (Healing Touch Program)

From 1988 to 1998 Jack and Arden Wilken ran a program they designed for psychotherapists, students and psychologists to clarify their client relationships using INNER SOUND and  an early breathing reflex. 

1990 to 1998 they worked with Marc Costa, clinical psychologist in Barcelona, Spain collaborating on courses using the breathing reflex, INNER SOUND and therapeutic strobes. The 2 works, the collaboration with Marc and clarifying client relationships led to quantifying the effects of the INNER SOUND motifs and developing the emotional theory found in the INNER SOUND trainings and in the article, “Our Sonic Pathways“.  

IAHP- Medallion (International Association of Healthcare Practitioners)
IAST (International Association of Sound Therapy)
HTPA (Healing Touch Professional Association)

1. BA in Music Theory University of WA (Seattle) 1972
2. Certified Shorthand Reporter (CA & WA) 1973-78
3. Washington Psychic Institute (Seattle) 1977-78
4. Co-Founder INNER SOUND, an original system of sound therapy and therapeutic music 1978 to present
5. Director of Education School for INNER SOUND 1978 to present
6. Creator of Personal Music CDs and Practitioner training 1978 to present
7. Co-creator of Sound Body- sound, body and energy work sessions 1990 to present
8. Creator of Autophonetics- Voice work sessions and Voice Workshop in Self-care 1998 to present
9. Creator of session protocols, course manual and practitioner trainings for the INNER SOUND Tuning Forks 2000 to present
10. Certified Postural Integrator, a body mind technique, 2012
11. NCMTB (Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Body Work) 2013
12. 100 ton Captain’s License USCG (Near Coastal with sailing & towing endorsements) 2013 (US Maritime Academy, Seattle, WA.)
12. Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT WA state 2013 / Transfer student Bellevue Massage School, Bellevue, WA.)
13. Integrated Listening Systems Practitioner (Sound Therapy) 2013
14. BCTMB (Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Body Work) 2016
15. Safe & Sound Protocol Practitioner (Sound Therapy) 2017