(photo from about 2016)

Jack has a diverse background: oceanography, boat building/sailing, sound engineering, inventor and energy & body work. He is co-founder of INNER SOUND (1978), an original system of sound therapy and therapeutic music. He was born in Santa Monica, CA July 12, 1944. 

Credentials: Certified Postural Integrator / 100 Ton Master’s License USCG (near coastal, endorsed for sailing & towing) / AA in Technical Oceanography, Fullerton College / US Coast Guard Reserve.

Jack studied Postural Integration in 1995-97 with the founder, Jack Painter (died June 28, 2010) in Mill Valley, CA.

Peer-reviewed Article: Co-author with Arden Wilken, “Our Sonic Pathways” in the Journal of Subtle Energy & Energy Medicine Vol 16 No 3 -January 23, 2007 ISSSEEM.org.

From 1993 to 2001, his research into the physics of sound, particularly tuning and musical scale construction  led to the development of the Spiral of Pure 5ths Tuning Forks manufactured to his frequency specifications.

Jack is a consummate sailor and boat builder. His work in that field:

Built a Kendall 32 (later known as a Westsail 32) 1969 – 1972
Quality Control and Engineering Manager Westsail Corp 1974 – 1977
Built tooling and was Manager of Crealock 37 project- 1977 – 1979
Manager for Pacific 41 tooling in Taiwan  1979 – 1980

USCG (Reserve) First Class Quartermaster 1963-1970
Los Angeles County Diving Instructor, #15UICC 1965
AA Degree in Technical Oceanography, Fullerton College, Fullerton, CA 1966 – 1969
Reserve Coast Guardsman of the year 1968
Cruised with wife, Arden, and eventually 3 children aboard Yamaha 33, Wauquiez Pretorian 35 & Galapagos 50  (French-built steel ketch) from 1979 to 2004 in Canada, US, Central America and Mediterranean.