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 In 2018 INNER SOUND is celebrating 40 years of helping people make change through sound.

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Welcome to INNER SOUND Online
Sound Therapy for everyone


INNER SOUND is a range of sound therapy tools that
can be used to restore dynamic balance
and create progressive movement in the human organism.

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INNER SOUND: A Marriage of Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom


Sound and music healing/therapy have a rich tradition in the West which has lain dormant for over 2000 years. INNER SOUND breathes new life into sound and music as a healing medium in the world today. The basis of the INNER SOUND techniques are a series of motifs (short melodies) and intervals, identified by Arden Wilken.  

In 1978 Arden, co-creator of INNER SOUND, first began playing music for individuals. Through experimentation she was able to identify the sounds and music that freed up blockages in distinct areas of the human organism. After creating several thousands of these compositions, Arden identified approximately 50 motifs, or short musical phrases, each of which affects a specific area or aspect of the human organism. The motifs and the intervals can be found in classical music, Gregorian and Sufi chants among others.

Since 1978 Arden and Jack Wilken have worked to find new ways to apply and enhance the effects of these motifs. This work has expanded the range of INNER SOUND techniques to include a series of therapeutic music CDs composed using the motifs, sets of precision made Tuning Forks tuned to pure 5th interval for relaxation, Autophonetics - a form of voice work using the motifs, and Sound Touch, the study and use of the motifs in their pure form. 

Credentials: Arden- LMP #60342219 (WA) / BCTMB / ILS Practitioner / BA in Music Theory U of WA/ 
Both Arden & Jack- Certified Postural Integrator /  100 Ton Masterís License USCG.

Sound Therapy for everyone

Anyone can learn to apply these techniques using the voice, tuning forks, musical instruments, or recorded therapeutic music; no prior music education is required. Whether you want to produce the sounds yourself, use tuning forks or recorded material, INNER SOUND provides a wide range of easy to learn, effective sound healing tools.

The School for INNER SOUND

A mainstay of Arden and Jack's philosophy has long been the goal of education; to share the information they have accumulated about sound, how it affects us and how we can use it to touch our lives and expand our horizons. In aid of this goal, a large number and variety of courses and trainings, ranging from an Introduction to Sound Therapy to comprehensive Practitioner Trainings are available in various locations around the world. 

Please explore this site for more information about INNER SOUND techniques, courses and methods; and of course, let us know if you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.

The creators of INNER SOUND, Arden and Jack, continue to travel throughout the world sharing their work.


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